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Xur’s Catalogue: Stardate 25/09/15 to 27/09/15

by on September 25, 2015

Like a stingy Santa Claus, Xur is back with a few bits and bobs for you to buy. He’s got a weapon today, it’s the Year Two version of Hawkmoon. 280, attack, if that’s your sort of thing.


Ruin Wings – Gauntlets – 13 Strange Coins


Sealed Ahamkara Grasps – Gauntlets – 13 Strange Coins


Light Beyond Nemesis – Helm – 13 Strange Coins


Hawkmoon – Hand Cannon – 23 Strange Coins

Three of Coins – 7 Strange Coins


He has his usual Legacy Engram, but you’ll only want that if you need to finish your exotic collection from Year One.

You’ll find him in the Hangar area, on the balcony to the right as you enter.