Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Modes Revealed

by on October 23, 2015

Nintendo just announced various details for Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash which is releasing on Wii U. Ultra Smash will include new faces in Tennis like Rosalina and some returning faces.

Ultra Smash will also support four player together with various camera angle options. Amiibo support is now the norm in first party games and you can team up with supported amiibo characters as your partner. These amiibos will level up the more you play.

The modes available in Ultra Smash are as follows:

· Knockout Challenge: AI controlled opponents in a single player mode that also supports some amiibo as doubles partner.

· Mega Battle: You become gigantic after getting a Mega Mushroom that grants increased power and range.

· Classic Tennis: No power ups and pure tennis.

· Online multiplayer: ranked modes with support for some amiibo.

For a limited time, anyone who buys Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash on the eShop within the first four weeks will receive a download code for the Nintendo 64 game Mario Tennis.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is set to release on 20 November on Wii U in Europe. You can view the new trailer here.