Avert your gaze, new Gorgon Monster available for Evolve

by on November 3, 2015

2K and Turtle Rock Studios have announced that the new Gorgon monster is now available for Evolve as part of the Hunting Season 2 pack.

True to the mythology, Gorgon is a real sweetheart who likes to watch her prey struggle. She has low health, but has powerful ranged attacks that deal damage over time and can be especially effective if stacked onto a single opponent.

Her abilities include:

  • Acid Spit – coats a target in burning acid and can be sprayed onto the environment, making areas too dangerous for Hunters to cross;
  • Web Snare – slows a target’s movement and deals damage, making Hunters easy prey for additional attacks;
  • Spider Trap – can be deployed at range, snatching Hunters and slowly digesting them while carrying them away;
  • Mimic – is a glowing husk that Gorgon sheds and controls remotely that traverses, melee attacks and detonates manually like a remote controlled bomb.

She sure is pretty too. Check out the launch trailer (Arachnophobe’s beware!)