Here’s What’s Free on PS+ in December

by on November 25, 2015

The six games that will be available for free across the three Play Station platforms for PS+ members, in December, has been revealed.

Starting with the Vita. The enjoyable, yet quite hard, online co-operative shooter, Freedom Wars, will be free. Freedom Wars sees you punished with a 1,000,000 year sentence for committing the ultimate sin – losing your memory. From now on, in order to work of those years, you have to take on increasingly difficult tasks in fighting enemies from rival panopticons and massive monsters.

Also free on Vita will be Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken, a cool looking action platformer with a nice art style.

On to the PS3, you’ll be able to get hands on with snowboarding sim SSX and FarCry: Blood Dragon, the neon retro 80s throw back DLC to FarCry 3.

Finally, on PS4, the PS4 exclusive Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, a hack and slash dungeon crawler and, a game we heartedly recommend you play, Kings Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember will both be playable free of charge.

Kingsquest is a modern edition into the Davantry story, with this whimsical fairy tale following the path of Graham as he rises from a no body to a king. It’s a lovely point and click adventure with brilliant voice acting.

Don’t believe us? We interviewed two of the stars: Richard White (aka Gaston from Beauty and the Beast) and Zelda Williams! Read them by clicking here and here, respectively.