Firewatch on Steam lets you buy your in-game snaps as physical photo prints

by on February 9, 2016

While the console version of Firewatch lets you play through the game, as you know, games do: the Steam version of Firewatch allows you to buy physical copies of your in-game photos.

Eurogamer reports that you’re able to take photos in game using a disposable camera, then upon completing the game, you’re able to visit an online store and place an photo order containing your in-game snaps. The photos are developed and sent by “Fotodome”, a fake photo development company created by game developers Campo Santo. Fotodome is referenced in game, and their logo is even printed on the envelope you’ll receive your photos in. You can see what your envelope will look like above, courtesy of TechnoBuffalo.

Publisher Panic, Inc co-founder Cabel Sasser told Eurogamer that this service costs $15 (around £10) and it’s the same price worldwide. The pictures are printed and shipped directly from Panic’s headquarters in Portland, Oregon. “Obviously, we make less money off of UK orders. To keep the product affordable we’re shipping First Class Mail. The good news is that lets us hit $15. The bad news is it can take up to a month for First Class Mail to make it across the so-called pond.”

When Eurogamer asked whether the feature could be coming to consoles, Sasser responded: “We’re actively investigating it for the future but have nothing to announce. Keep an eye on our Twitter etc. if and when we have anything to say!”

Firewatch releases today on PS4 and PC. You can read Adam’s review of it, saying it is the best game released this year so far. Big words. Adam and Colm also spoke to one of the game’s programmers Patrick Ewing a couple of weeks back on our podcast. You can listen below.