Monument Valley could be getting its own LEGO set

by on February 4, 2016

If you’ve ever wandered around Ida’s Dream and thought to yourself ‘Damn, I wish I had all these funky blocks irl’ then you’re in luck. Possibly.

The LEGO Ideas website, where users can submit their own ideas for the Danish block-makers consideration, currently has a Monument Valley petition in progress in which other users of the site can pledge their support for the project. Once the project gets to 10,000 supporters, LEGO will decide whether to approve the creation. If approved by the company, the set will go into development and be launching in their worldwide stores.

The Monument Valley petition currently sits at 143 supporters, a long way from 10,000, but stranger things have happened. It still has 352 days left, so there’s plenty of time yet.

The creator of the project, Isometry, writes on the page: “My LEGO Ideas project is inspired by the Monument Valley game, and aims to capture the journey through a creative 3-D experience. This set includes four minimalist landscape themes that are modular and interactive; featuring rotating walkways, platforms, pillars, staircases, bridges and water wheels; along with three main characters, Ida, Totem and Crow. It is an original Lego design concept with visually attractive elements that are appealing and intriguing to a wide audience.”

If created, they say, the full set will include:

1. The Garden: Chapter II
2. The Labyrinth: Chapter VI
3. Water Palace: Chapter IV
4. Halcyon Court: Appendix IV
5. Characters: Ida, Totem and the Crow
6. Illusion Stickers: Cleverly designed stickers enhance the bricks by adding dimension and illusion. Stickers include buttons, windows, doorways and water.

So if you want to get your hands on a physical Monument Valley building set, make sure to back the project on LEGO Ideas. See some of the mock-up images below.