Vagabond Dog announces Always Sometimes Monsters sequel

by on April 18, 2016

Vagabong Dog have announced a sequel to their acclaimed RPG title Always Sometimes Monsters, called Sometimes Always Monsters.

Always Sometimes Monsters let players choose a character to take control of, each of which would start off as a struggling writer trying to get their lover back then branch off into a different narrative.  Players could shape the direction of the story by making important choices at pivotal moments, ultimately changing the outcome entirely.

Sometimes Always Monsters is a direct sequel, taking place after the events of the first game. After creating a best-seller, you’re invited on a cross-country trip with likeminded authors but you’re haunted by voices calling you a monster. Players will be able to import their save file from the original game which will shape their path. Read a brief description below:

“Congratulations, you’ve finally made it.

With your love at your side and your first book on the best-seller list, there’s nothing that seems impossible to you. You’ve set the pain of your struggles behind you and settled into a comfortable life of stability. After all you’ve been through, surely there is no doubt it’s well deserved. However, despite all you’ve earned, dissenting voices whisper of you from obscurity.

They call you a monster, manipulative and unrepentant. Some seethe with jealousy, others send you unwarranted praise. Fanatics regard you with reverence, while the old guard question your true worth. Only you can decide if they’re right.

You are the author of a widely debated hit. Recently married, pressure to provide for your household mounts. Seeking the inspiration to write a sequel, you join a cross country bus tour of like-minded scribes.As you explore the city stops with your new friends, there seems to be no limit to what life may bring you. Fans and strangers invite you into their lives and have their fates changed. Your words echo through the world as you shape the story.

Responsibility is what you make of it when we’re Sometimes Always Monsters.”

You can pre-order the game on Vagabond Dog’s website at a price of $15.00. The developer is also asking fans of the series to send over their save files from Always Sometimes Monsters, as “having access to real player data will help us better understand how you interacted with the game, help our testing process, and inform our design going forward.”

No release date yet, but expect an announcement soon. See the trailer above.


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