Online roguelike Loot Rascals coming to PS4 and PC early next year

by on May 26, 2016

Loot Rascals, an online roguelike from the developers of Hokohum, has been announced for PlayStation 4 and PC with a prospective release window of early 2017.

Ricky Haggett, founder of studio Hollow Ponds, introduced Loot Rascals via the PlayStation Blog, describing it as “a tale of friendship, loss, and redemption in outer space.” Players assume the role of the sole survivor of a rocket crash, trying to escape a hostile alien world back into wider space.

“The game has two main components,” Haggett continues. “First off you’re exploring the planet, revealing its hexagonal surface, and fighting a menagerie of strange aliens, monsters and robots. Defeating them will win you Loot: a set of schematic cards from which you get all of your abilities. Choosing which of these cards to keep and use to fend off hostiles requires strategic thinking: ­ the second major aspect. As you build your character’s loadout and maximize abilities, you’ll need to decide which advantages you can do without, and convert those cards into the precious resources needed to heal up.”

Haggett goes on to say that if you unfortunately die, enemies can loot your corpse of your schematic cards meaning that they are passed on to other players. When you defeat an Elite Baddie, the card you receive as a reward will belong to another player whom was looted by said Elite Baddie. You’re given the choice to send it back to them, or keep it for yourself — each decision coming with consequences.

Every player in-game has a Holographic Agent: a computer controlled copy of themselves who can visit other people’s games. If you decide to keep a card for yourself, there is a chance you can encounter their Agent in your own world who will try and kill you. Sending it back can mean that the other player’s Agent sticks around and helps you for a while.

Loot Rascals will be available in early 2017 on PC and PS4. See a trailer above.