RTX London from Rooster Teeth will take place this October

by on February 3, 2017

RTX heads to London this October.

The celebration of gaming and the internet from Rooster Teeth finally makes its way to London in the form of RTX London. The event will take place from October 14 to October 15. Gavin Free from The Slow Mo Guys will be there along with unannounced guests. Tickets go on sale next month here.

Bethany Feinstein, the Director of Events at Rooster Teeth had the following to say:

“The Rooster Teeth community in the U.K. is large and passionate. We’re excited to expand our presence to London with this RTX, our first European RTX. RTX brings Rooster Teeth influencers, YouTubers, video games and the best of the internet to one place and we can’t wait to start that party in London.”

Gus Sorola, the co-founder and Executive producer at Rooster Teeth had the following to say about RTX London:

“We’ve grown RTX from a 600 person event in a field to an attendance of 60,000 in Austin and international events in Sydney and now London. We’re going to drink all your tea and eat all your tikka masala, so get ready London!”

More announcements will be made soon for programming and guests scheduled for RTX London. The official website is live here.