Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app is now live on iOS and Android

by on March 2, 2017

Nintendo just released the Parental Controls app for iOS and Android.

Nintendo Switch will let parents control their children’s playtime through the Parental Controls app. Instead of having these features on the console, parental controls will be another aspect of the Switch you can control from your mobile phone. What’s interesting is even though the Switch is a region free console, the Parental Controls app is not available worldwide yet. This implies that people outside of the regions the app is available in, will not be able to control these settings on the Nintendo Switch from their phones. This does not bode well for the Online Service chat and more that will also be done through a smartphone app which will probably also be geo locked on iOS and Android. Check out the video below showing Parental Controls:

Keep in mind that if this app is not available in your region, the app that handles voice chat will probably not be available as well. These are things to consider when you are planning on buying Nintendo’s “region free” Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is releasing on March 3. Read our review here. Download the Parental Controls app on iOS and Android now.

Thanks, Wario64.