New Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer shows Sora is no Zero

by on June 12, 2017

Looking rather gorgeous, Kingdom Hearts shows off the world of Hercules along with some stunning pyrotechnics in this new trailer.

At times it can be rather difficult to keep up with that action as Sora darts around the screen, and at times throws Goofy straight into packs of Heartless. There are also some awesome moments involving the giant rock titan, it’s apparent that Square Enix have turned the spectacle up to eleven here.

Kingdom Hearts 3 news has been few and far between since it’s original unveil, but I for one can’t wait to get back into its world of ridiculous names and complex story strings.¬†Everyone’s mocking Microsoft’s naming conventions for it’s console series, but we really have to remember Apple, Nintendo’s DS systems and of course, good old Kingdom Hearts.

While you’re watching this it would be prudent to remember that there’s still no tentative release date, let along a firm one, so try not to hold your breath.

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