Konami’s Adam Bhatti says PES 2018 will be best on PC, Switch version unlikely

by on June 27, 2017

Adam Bhatti spoke to Red Bull about PES 2018 and more.

In the interview, Adam Bhatti has some interesting things to say about topics like the PC port, Switch version, and UI changes. Here’s what he said when asked about the PC version being the best and why it lagged behind the current console versions:

“We had to focus mainly on our main platforms based on user-size, which is for a lot of companies is going to be console, and it was a case of when we went away from having PC as the best, it was actually the year we moved over to FOX [Konami’s game engine]. So once we went over to FOX we had to relearn, we had to rebuild, and we really focused on making sure the console versions (where most of our fans were) had the best version possible. Not that we didn’t want to have the best one for the PC, but based on resources we had to manage it. Again, boring for the fans to know, but it’s all about making sure that we are using our team effectively.”

He also mentions that the PC version is “definitely the best version”. When asked about a Switch version, things aren’t ass bright for now but they may change:

“Nintendo Switch is fantastic machine, we’ve got a fantastic relationship with Nintendo, we had a great launch, great success with Super Bomberman R, so we are looking at the console in a serious way, but for now PES 18 has been announced for the formats it’s coming out on.”

Thanks, Red Bull.