Sony and Lootcrate have teamed up to create a God of War edition Lootcrate

by on February 9, 2018

Like yourself some gaming gear? Do you like God of War as well? If you answered yes to both questions then this may interest you.

Sony have teamed up with videogame apparel distributor Lootcrate to produce a limited edition God of War themed lootcrate. Priced at fifty dollars for US and $75 for overseas shipping, the crate will contain a range of clothing, accessories and replica items from the upcoming game.

The gear will utilise assets from in the game and will hopefully be a little bit fashionable, while the replica items will apparently enhance the game experience. There’s no word onĀ how exactly they’re going to improve God of War, but let’s just say we’re a little bit intrigued. There was a bit more PR blurb, but I sort of tuned it out and focused on the pretty looking box instead.

Anyway, as we knew before, the game is due out on April 20, so expect the crate at the same time, so that’s just over two months away before we get gaming’s most infamous brooder in a new game.