Quake Champions June update brings with it bots, balance changes and more gore!

by on June 8, 2018

Bethesda has announced that the June update for Quake Champions is now live.

Still in Early Access, Quake Champions continues to grow and evolve. The latest update introduces features that make it faster and easier for friends to join and also adds in bots. The full details of the update are as follows:

  1. Bots – Bots have been added featuring scalable skill levels to help players practice and improve in training mode. They will also backfill automatically in matches where needed.
  2. Glorified Gore – A new gore system has been added and each champion has received a unique gib-makeover, with attention paid to the individual pieces of armour they wear, as well as their proper organs, cybernetics and appendages.The new system even adjusts to the gooey airborne chunks based on the special skins or shades a champion is wearing.
  3. Updated Store – The in game store has been updated with a tonne of new cosmetics.

In addition to these three key updates, loads more has been added in response to community feedback including:

  • Multi-mode play lists – allows players to change modes between matches while staying in the match lobby.
  • Killer Cam and stacks – available in unranked matches and will show players their opponent’s remaining health and armour in the death screen
  • Team Health and armour stacks – In team modes the health and armour stacks of allies will show on screen so players can decide whether to use healing items or leave them for a team mate.
  • New progression and loot systems – earning XP has been adjusted to help players level up faster.
  • Balance changes – including alterations to movement speed, health and armour stacks for light, medium and heavy champions as well as changes to certain weapon statistics and champion abilities.

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