Konami Announces Yu-Gi-Oh! Activities For Its Gamescom Booth

by on August 15, 2018

With Gamescom less than a week away, Konami has detailed what you can expect from its dedicated Yu-Gi-Oh! booth this year. Activities range from Trading Card Game duels, to games of its popular free-to-play Duel Links game, catering for players of all levels. Demonstrators will even be around to help show new players the ropes.

“For experienced duelists, KONAMI is encouraging people to bring their decks and compete with other attendees in their event tournament or Free2Play zone. If players are particularly confident and wish to put their skills to the test, #DueltheMaster will be a chance for them to challenge a Yu-Gi-Oh! champion from Wednesday 22nd to Saturday 25th.”

Here is the (rather substantial) list of activities available at the Yu-Gi-Oh! booth in hall 5.2/E039:


Haven’t yet experienced Yu-Gi-Oh! and want to learn how to play? Our experts can teach you everything you need to know. KONAMI will be organising demonstration rounds where you can get your first set of cards to practice at home after the event.


Are you ready to Duel with other attendees or expand your collection? At our booth, you can learn the TCG and compete with other players or trade with them to add new cards to your collection. Multiple tournaments will be available to enter throughout the day.


Are you skilled enough to duel a Master? Come and try your luck at the Yu-Gi-Oh! booth, our masters are amongst the best players in Germany and are waiting to be challenged. Multiple challenges will be available each day between Wednesday and Saturday – please follow the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Facebook page for exact timing announcements.


The Duel Links Tower offers free access to touch screen PCs to check out the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links mobile and PC title. For those looking to enter one of our many tournaments during the show, we recommend all duelists to pre-install the game beforehand on either iOS or Android devices.

For more information on Duel Links and how to download it to your device, please visit the following webpage – https://www.konami.com/yugioh/duel_links/en/


Have you ever wondered what you would look like on a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG card? Our photo box is a great way to find out! Take a photo inside our Giant Card frame to immortalise your day of Yu-Gi-Oh! with your friends.


Are you looking for new cards to power up your Deck? We will have the latest products available at gamescom to add to your collection. If you’re unsure which booster packs are the right ones for your deck, our experts can give you tips and tricks on cards and strategies to use in future duels.

If you’re a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, whether you have played the Trading Card Game or Duel Links (or neither!), and you’ll be at Gamescom this year, it seems like a trip to hall 5.2/E039 is the way to go.

Gamescom takes place in Cologne, Germany on August 21st – 25th.