Rumour: Will new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters be unlockable with Amiibo?

by on August 26, 2018

Whilst checking out some Amiibo news, a Reddit post on the Smash Bros. subreddit noticed something interesting about the upcoming amiibo for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Bestbuy in Canada”>Best Buy Canada listings for new amiibo mention the following:


Access a whole new level of fun and smash the competition with this Super Smash Bros amiibo. A former fighter in Andross’ army, the Wolf now leads his own mercenary team, and he’s not one you want to cross. Simply tap the amiibo accessory to the NFC touchpoint on your game system to unlock this Space Pirate.

Now the most interesting part is the bit we’ve highlighted in bold because it implies that you can unlock characters by simply touching the corresponding Amiibo onto the Switch NFC touchpoint. Is this a way in which Nintendo is planning to implement Amiibo use in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

It would make sense, given at E3 Nintendo told us that our starting roster in Smash Ultimate would just be the original 8 or 12 characters from the original Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64. With 50 odd characters to unlock throughout play, it wouldn’t be inconceivable if there were some shortcuts to help players bolster their roster quicker, and rejuvenate their Amiibo collection.

There’s no official word from Nintendo yet, so far they’ve only commented that all Amiibo can be used for Smash Ultimate and that they will be used in a similar way to previous Smash games, but we’ll keep our ear to the ground, and let you know if this additional rumour┬áturns out to be anything concrete.

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