Zarvot releases for Nintendo Switch on October 18 bringing cubes together through love and hate

by on October 12, 2018

Revealed in the Nintendo Direct, Zarvot from snowhydra games finally has a release date.

Zarvot is a game about cubes with love and hate. Watch the launch trailer for it below:

Zarvot debuts exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Here is a video of the developers showcasing the game:

Zarvot also features five competitive multiplayer modes. There is even a Switch exclusive Joy-Vot mode. Snowhydra Games founder Sam Eng commented:

“With Zarvot, I wanted to make a game that captures both the joy and malice of competing with your friends; something that’s simultaneously light and breezy, but also chaotic and cathartic. Zarvot celebrates both ends of the spectrum, merging its pleasantly tactile aesthetic and sweet characters with savage arcade action. I can’t wait for players to check it out!”

Zarvot launches on October 18.