Maple Story 2 is Skybound with its new expansion

by on December 7, 2018

Maple Story 2’s new Skybound expansion brings a whole bunch of additions to the MMORPG.

The free-to-play game from Nexon will soon play host to its Skybound celebration and usher in a new area, and a PVP mode. The new area is known as the Sky Fortress, this is a warship that calls the air its home. Five factions will give a whole raft of new quests.

The Maple Arena will play host to 1v1 battles and have its own collection of gear for you to earn, while players unable to get themselves into the Hard Chaos Raids Nexon will furnish the game with Normal Chaos Raids giving you the opportunity to take them on at a more palatable difficulty level.

When the update releases the Skybound celebration will begin, and anyone level ten or above will receive 30 Elixirs, Master Potions and a level up booster ticket.  Once players hit level 60 they’ll be able to claim extra items including a level-up potion that instantly boosts a character to level 50.