Sun & Moon Team Up Expansion is now available for the Pokémon TCG

by on February 1, 2019

Hey Pokémon trading card collectors, you can get your hands on some brand new cards right now!

If you’re not one of the millions of people who collect Pokémon cards then pass this by, it’s obviously not for you, go and play a video game or something. For those that do, the newest expansion to the Trading Card Game’s roster ‘Sun & Moon – Team Up’ is available right now.

This new expansion features a new card type to the game in the shape of TAG TEAM Pokémon GX cards. These cards pack a hell of a punch, but if your opponent manages to take them out then they get three prize cards.

The expansion has 180 new cards overall, with six TAG TEAM cards, six Pokémon GX cards, four Prism Star cards and twenty-five trainer cards.

If you want more info on the new expansion, you can get it through here.

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