The final Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter has appeared

by on August 8, 2019

If you’ve been waiting patiently for news on the last Vault Hunter for Borderlands 3 then you’re in luck. 2K have released a character trailer for the fourth and last Vault Hunter: FL4K the Beastmaster. FL4K is described as an emergent AI who’s accompanied by their three loyal pet companions. Trust me when I say they are the cutest companions you’ll come across in Boderlands.

As well as the trailer, that you can find below, you can check out details of the action skills and skill trees for each Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter over at borderlands website.

There’s also something extra on the Borderlands website that was launched by 2K today. Interactive Skill Tree Builders are live and you can mess about with each character’s tree to your hearts content.

Finally, FL4K will be appearing over on the Borderlands Twitch channel on August 14 at 3pm BST if you fancy seeing them in action.