Remothered – Tormented Fathers is heading to the Switch

by on September 6, 2019

Darill Arts and Stormind Games have announced their indie horror hit Remothered – Tormented Fathers is now available on the Switch. When I say now, I mean right this second. Go check the eShop if you don’t believe me.

You take on the role of Rosemary Reed who is looking into the disappearance of a young woman named Celeste. Looking through her childhood home is brought to a halt by her adoptive father though. Being determined Rosemary returns after dark and that’s where the cat and mouse horror starts. I won’t spoil anything else but there’s an announcement trailer if you want a better idea of what to expect.

On top of that there’s some key features you’ll want to read up on before diving in:

  • Many ways to survive – Misguide your stalkers with the endless combinations of game dynamics: stealth, action, strategy, hide & run. Use your skills to block them in another area of the house. Attack your enemy and make your items more powerful by spiking them. Carefully study the behavior of your stalker and his path. Don’t get too close to your enemy, and when they are getting close to you, if possible hide.
  • Psychological plot – Characters in the story are everyday people who turn into scary monsters.
  • Movie-like cutscenes – Thanks to his impressive direction, Chris Darril created a story rich of complex life-like characters.
  • Audio clues – Use the 3D audio sound effects to understand when your stalkers are getting closer.
  • No health bars – Your body is the only way to understand how you are doing.
  • Realistic puzzles – Environments and characters have been conceived to be realistic and believable.
  • Real-time loading – Explore the mansion without worrying about empty moments or boring loading times.

Remothered – Tormented Fathers is available in the eShop and will cost you 29.99 USD/EUR.