Rust gets musical with brand new downloadable pack

by on December 6, 2019

Facepunch Studios have announced that instruments are now available in Rust via The Instrument Pack. Now, as well as trying to survive, you can make some sweet music. The Instrument Pack will set you back $10 on Steam but also comes with a 10% launch discount.

The Instrument Pack comes with 10 instruments, an overhauled music system and MIDI support for using hardware.

The music system will allow you to play specific notes, ranging from A to G, meaning you should be able to bang out your favourite tune. Provided you can find the music for it.

The MIDI support means you can hook up your favourite instruments to play music that way, if you prefer. A variety of MIDI software is also supported so you all better get practicing.

You can expect to find the following as part of the pack:

  • Wheelbarrow Piano (200 Wood, 100 Metal Frags)

  • Junkyard Drum Kit (200 Wood, 100 Metal Frags)

  • Shovel Bass (50 Wood, 75 Metal Frags)

  • Sousaphone (100 Metal Frags)

  • Jerry Can Guitar (25 Wood, 50 Metal Frags)

  • Xylobones (50 Bone Fragments)

  • Plumber’s Trumpet (75 Metal Frags)

  • Cowbell (35 Metal Frags)

  • Canbourine (25 Metal Frags)

  • Pan Flute (20 Metal Frags, 5 Cloth)

There is also an Instrument Pack Trailer at the bottom of this that you can feast yer eyes on.

Facepunch Studios have also stated that these instruments are for everyone and something that you should all enjoy. This means that even if you don’t craft the instruments you can still find them on corpses and be gifted them by friends. There are also static instruments to be found in the Compound if you and friends feel like putting on a wee talent show.

As well as the instruments a new item has been released to celebrate Gary’s Mod turning 15. This will replace the hammer and allows to add some style to your repairs and upgrades.

And finally, there is monthly improvements, updates and fixes, more details of which can be found over at Rust Blog:

  • First Person Legs

  • Load Times Optimization

  • World Streaming

  • Exploit and Hack Fixes

  • Monument Mesh Optimizations

  • More Texture Streaming

  • Player Dressing Optimizations

  • Horse Improvements

  • Third Person Weapon Animations

  • Sound Priorities

  • Chat Improvements and Fixes

  • Bug Fixes