Podcast #381: The Bill

by on February 5, 2020

Starting out in 2013, who knew it’d take seven years for Kentucky Route Zero to finally come out. But it’s the Switch version that’s made Adam Cook start playing it again after starting the first Act all those years ago. Elsewhere, Journey to the Savage Planet has come out and is a lot of fun, but how much fun? Find out on this week’s podcast.

Returning to pod duty this week is Gary Bailey, to talk all about energy drinks and Supercross. Terrible accents are happening, too. Can we force Adam Carroll to attempt a Scottish accent? Will Gary attempt it? He definitely will! Again, you’ll have to listen to find out. Here’s hoping, anyway…

Send more of your questions to us, and maybe we’ll do another special podcast in your honour! We got loads this week so have saved some for next week. What’s our favourite podcast moment? It’s that one on the podcast, isn’t it! Ask us via Twitter, or email podcast@GodisaGeek.com to find out.

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