20 Animal Crossing memes to brighten your day

by on April 2, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the game we all need in our lives right now. Whether you’re fishing into the early hours of the morning, flooding Blathers’ museum will myriad of bugs and fish, or simply enjoying your island retreat, these memes are guaranteed to brighten your day.

Those damn eggs!

Bunny Day sucks from r/animalcrossingmeme

Fruits of labour

That feeling when you finally collect all the Fruit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons be like… from r/animalcrossingmeme

The perfect generalisation of everyday life

Grinding for peanuts

That rabbit is freaky

My first ACNH meme, hope yeah like from r/animalcrossingmeme

What do they do with all those bugs and fish?

Not an original joke, but please enjoy my original comic of it (the last panel nearly killed me) from r/animalcrossingmeme

A very wise owl

The shame…

Isabelle. I have failed you. from r/animalcrossingmeme

Full-on raccoon siblings

Poor bridge

If I have the pole out, imma use it from r/animalcrossingmeme

The spirit of Easter

Visiting the museum

Pay Tom Nook or else

Tight-lipped Wilbur

I put entire islands in my pockets and still have room for Sea Bass from r/animalcrossingmeme

The spiders, THE SPIDERS!

RIP from r/animalcrossingmeme

Did anyone actually catch one?

stringfish please…. from r/animalcrossingmeme

Those damn sea bass

Time travelling versus the grind

K.K. is a superstar

When K.K’s Only Me starts playing from r/animalcrossingmeme

A successful trip

Me coming back from my brother’s island from r/animalcrossingmeme

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