Ubisoft Revealing New Assassin’s Creed Setting With Livestream

by on April 29, 2020

Ubisoft is unveiling the setting of its latest Assassin’s Creed title today, right now in fact (unless you’re reading this later, of course), via a livestream with artist BossLogic.


Don’t know BossLogic? Let Ubisoft introduce you to him:

Kode Abdo, also known as Bosslogic, is an Australian contemporary digital artist who emerged on social media with his powerful and creative works on all current trends on the Internet, notably when it comes to his favorite subject: the Entertainment industry. He is notably known for his collaboration with Marvel for a Limited Edition Avengers: Endgame poster, as well as DC Comics on the upcoming Black Adam movie starting Dwayne Johnson.

If you watch the livestream, let us know your thoughts on the reveal?