Naughty Dog release new gameplay video detailing “open-ended” levels in The Last of Us Part II

by on May 20, 2020

Today, Naughty Dog has released a video showcasing gameplay in The Last of Us Part II, and how the new mechanics play a part in the game. In the video, Neil Druckmann and Co discuss how survival will play a much bigger role, and even though Ellie maybe small, she can use her nimbleness to reach areas Joel can’t. Dodging, jumping, and lying prone are also a big part of The Last of Us Part II, and the AI seems to have improved dramatically.

Perhaps the biggest revelation is the fact that the game is “open-ended,” and that you may miss story beats and entire sections if you don’t explore everything. This is a big deal considering all prior Naughty Dog games have been linear. Time will tell how the overall game uses these new mechanics and features, but if the below video is anything to go by, The Last of Us Part II is going to be incredible.