Total War CCG Elysium shows off gameplay

by on May 6, 2020

Mobile Gaming and Collectable Card Games are a match made in heaven. Well get ready for a new contender for smartphone suppremecy, as the Total War CCG Elysium shows off gameplay for the first time.

“Total War: ELYSIUM, the free-to-play collectible card game inspired by the award-winning strategy series, has unveiled the first footage of its immersive, tactical gameplay, where players strive to build masterful decks, dominate on the battlefield, and to become history’s greatest strategist.

ELYSIUM signals Total War’s expansion into new genres of gaming, whilst remaining true to the strategic formula which has defined the series for the past twenty years.”

Gameplay seems to show that units are placed in different lines, similarly to Gwent, and has definitely peaked my interest. Limited beta play will be offered later this month on mobile, and a PC release is planned by the end of the year. Time to start saving up for some packs.