Games of Summer is coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare

by on August 25, 2020

The new Games of Summer even is coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone and represents the latest update to Season Five. During this event, you will be able to get your hands on lots of free content should you perform well in the new five Trials. Up for grabs are various rewards based on your performance, but if you achieve a Gold ranking in each, you’ll nab yourself the Legendary Assault Rifle Juliet Blueprint.

The Games of Summer even will arrive on Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone on August 25, 2020, but officially kicks off on August 28, 2020. It will then run until September 7, 2020. During this time you’ll not only be competing for personal glory but also representing your country. Your performance in each trial rewards your country points. And there will be a leaderboard of the top-performing countries. You’ll have unlimited entries, meaning you can keep playing them to set your best time or score and go for Gold.

For more information, check out the details of the Trials below:

TRIAL ONE: Gun Course (Starts August 28) on Custom Gun Course Map
Description: Make your way through the course as fast as possible while clearing all enemy targets and avoiding civilian casualties.
Medal Times: 01:30:00 (Bronze) / 01:00:00 (Silver) / 00:40:00 (Gold)
Loadout: Assorted Weapons

TRIAL TWO: Price’s Alley (Starts August 29) on Custom Price’s Alley Map
Description: Eliminate an endless series of enemy targets while avoiding civilian targets to maintain the combo for as long as possible.
Medal Scores: 4,000 (Bronze) / 5,000 (Silver) / 6,000 (Gold)
Loadout: Renetti (Handgun)

TRIAL THREE: Risky Parkour (Starts August 30) on Livestock
Description: Move through each checkpoint and finish the course as quickly as possible. Beware the heavy toxic gas on low ground.
Medal Times: 0:55:00 (Bronze) / 0:47:00 (Silver) / 0:40:00 (Gold)
Loadout: Combat Knife

TRIAL FOUR: Shooting Range (Starts August 31) on King
Description: Locate and shoot all targets in the area as quickly as possible while conserving ammunition.
Medal Times: 0:50:00 (Bronze) / 0:40:00 (Silver) / 0:30:00 (Gold)
Loadout: Assorted Weapons

TRIAL FIVE: Marksman Challenge Starts (September 1) on Custom Marksman Challenge Map
Description: Engage waves of long-distance targets and beat the clock. Missed shots burn time.
Medal Times: 3,400 (Bronze) / 3,900 (Silver) / 4,400 (Gold)
Loadout: HDR (Sniper Rifle)

Players will receive rewards based on performance within each Trial. These rewards are stackable, so achieving Gold, gets you the Silver and Bronze rewards also. Trials rewards include but are not limited to vehicle skins, XP tokens, vehicle horns, calling cards, and Legendary weapon blueprints.