Pokemon inspired taming game Monster Crown gets a big update

by on September 2, 2020

Canadian development studio Studio Aurum has announced that the Pokemon inspired dark monster taming game Monster Crown has received a big update.

Released in Steam Early Access on 31 July and published by SOEDESCO, Monster Crown sailed past its one-month Kickstarter success within the first three days. The latest Monster Crown update bring with it three brand new features to the game: online monster trading, NET Eggs and the “Move Learner”.

NET Eggs lets players breed a random monster egg, which contains monster genes from players all over the world. The egg serves as a wild-card parent, resulting in a surprise monster.

Move Learner is where players breed surprise monsters and let them remember a new set of skills and trade them with other players. Monsters can only remember six moves at a time and players can now select which moves their monster remember at any given time.

Lastly, online monster trading allows players to exchange their monster creations with the world.

The latest update is the first of multiple planned content updates during the Early Access period on Steam.

Monster Crown’s success on Steam has been largely positive with the game offering players an intriguing story with plenty of content, monsters and features to explore. As of yet there is no date when Monster Crown will leave Early Access.

Monster Crown is expected to get a Switch release too, with the developer sharing updates regularly via its YouTube channel and Kickstarter pages.