New Knockout City Heatwave event revealed

by on June 17, 2021

Electronic Arts has revealed the new Knockout City mid-season in-game event, Heatwave.  The dodgeball-inspired multiplayer game Knockout City took the spotlight at GameSpot’s E3 Play For All show yesterday, where the Velan Studios team revealed the Heatwave event.  The event is taking place Tuesday, June 22 through Monday, July 5.

You can view the Devs talking about the New Knockout City Heatwave Event here:

Event features

During the Heatwave event, dodgebrawlers can beat that summer heat by collecting Ice Pops hidden all over the sprawling Knockout City maps. Players then have the chance to unlock cool limited-time items, if they can complete matches, find the Ice Pops, and earn Heatwave Tickets redeemable in the Heatwave Event Shop.  Limited-time items include an Ice Cream Truck glider and an intro-pose where players lounge in a beach chair sipping a drink.  Completing all Heatwave contracts unlocks the Legendary Ultimate Hologram, the Fire Hydrant.

Exciting new playlists will also become available, including:

  • June 22 – Party Face-Off
    • 1v1, ALL Special Balls
    • Classic Face-Off Rules: Danger Zone, no border warnings, etc.
  • June 29 – Triple Team Chaos
    • 2v2v2, team free for all
    • First team to 15 KOs wins the match

There’s lots more coming to Knockout City Season 1 even after Heatwave is over, with new playlists, weekly Crew contracts and more surprises on the way.

Knockout City is available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.  The Heatwave event is taking place June 22 through July 5, 2021