The King of Fighters XV DLC has been detailed

by on February 1, 2022

A Power Wave has not even been chucked out in anger yet and SNK are already giving fight fans tantalising details of the DLC that is going to be available for the forthcoming King of Fighters XV.

The latest entry in SNK Corporation’s storied pugilistic franchise, KOF XV features a staggering 39 playable combatants out of the box, but there are plans to roll out a further twelve over the course of the year, beginning with a couplet of trios based upon favourite denizens of the series’ lore.

The King of Fighters XV: DLC, and lots of it

First up in March 2022 comes the Garou DLC, which as any Fatal Fury nerd worth their salt will guess takes beloved faces from one of SNK’s critical and aesthetic peaks in Garou: Mark of the Wolves. The three selections are wildly diverse in the stylistic stakes.

B.Jenet is the sassy pirate leader with a opulent yet decidedly shady past. She also happens to be one of the most enjoyable characters to play in MOTW, with a nice selection of attacks and the ability to work from range or in close, and the added advantage of a super called Many, Many Torpedoes, which does what it says on the tin. She loves Euro Beat and a nice sirloin steak, and can be found enjoying a pint of lager with her Lillian Knights pirate crew. We can’t wait to see how she plays in KOF XV. Jenet threads the Garou team together by convincing her partners to enter the tourney.

Joining the seafaring heroine is the stoic, ice-cold kung-fu assassin Gato, who is lured into competing after Jenet promises him that she has some information on the whereabouts of his father. How this will end remains to be seen, but with Gato seeking vengeance for the death of his mother at the hands of his old man, there is likely to be some storyline bloodshed.

Rounding off the team is Garou poster boy Rock Howard. Despite being the son of evil South Town crime overlord Geese Howard, the young Rock was adopted and raised by KOF icon Terry Bogard. With a moveset that combines techniques gleaned from his evil biological parent and his Power Geyser spouting foster dad, Howard Jr is a dangerous and enigmatic addition to the trio.

Following the Garou team will be the May 2022 release of Team South Town, which is a triple threat of proper wronguns. Geese Howard will join his nipper in becoming a DLC character, and will likely be just as dangerous as ever in the game, in the right hands. Fellow Fatal Fury original Billy Kane and psychopathic colossus Ryuji Yamazaki complete the second wave of extra contestants, with a third and fourth promised over the Summer and Autumn months.

The King of Fighters XV is out on February 17th, 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10, Steam and Epic Games Store.

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