Monark Club Building PC Login guide

by on February 22, 2022

This is how you solve the Monark Club Building PC Login mystery! Picture the scene. So you’re playing Monark, stuck in a misty school and your madness meter is building. You need to log into a computer and can’t work out how. We’ve all been there, and if you need some help with this particular Monark puzzle then you’ve come to the right place.

Monark Club Building PC Login: where is it?

In Block B of the Club Building there’s a PC you’ll need to find the login details for, specifically the account name and password Tsutomu Kaneko. He’s blocking the entrance to a room you need to get in, and his account has the dirt that’ll get him to move. Clues for his details are scattered around the mist-filled area, but even with all the information you need it’s easy to miss the answer.

The first important note is this one about Logging In. It reveals that the account name is simply the student ID of each student. This can easily be found on the Profiles screen, and Tsutomu’s is 020201012. It also mentions what the default password for students is, but unfortunately it seems he’s changed it.

The password is a little trickier, but the Male Stundent’s Memo 1 should help with this. The “date his dearest” was born seems like it has password potential, and going to the profile screen again reveals his “girlfriend” Mirai Otomo’s birthday is 5/27.

This last part stumped me for a while, because the format of Mirai’s date of birth needs changing before you enter it. Setting the password to 0527 will give you all the evidence you need to carry on your adventure, so go ahead and nail that creep and dispel the mist.