Session: Skate Sim | How to manual

by on September 23, 2022

A lot of getting used to the realistic controls in Session: Skate Sim comes from practice. Obvious, really, but there are also some moves that aren’t explained in the best way; if at all. One such move you’ll need to learn early on in Session: Skate Sim is how to manual. In order for you to understand how to do this basic but tricky manoeuvre, we’ve put together a guide which’ll help you pull it off, and you’ll be manual-ing in no time at all.

Session: Skate Sim: start off stationary

One of the first missions in the game has you pull off various manual moves on a small circular platform. Before you start doing this, just try practicing the manual while standing still. To do a manual, press lightly down on the right stick, assuming your right foot is at the back of the board. You’ll notice that the front of the board lifts slightly, and depending on the amount of pressure you use, the higher or lower the board will lift. That’s the fundamentals of doing a manual, but knowing how to incorporate this into an ollie or a trick is where it gets a little trickier.

Manualing after a jump

After you’ve pulled off an Ollie, it’s important that as soon as you land, you repeat the gentle press of the right stick. After a few practices and getting used to the pressure you need to apply, the manual in Session: Skate Sim will flow into your sequence and you’ll hold the manual as you move on the back wheels. Try doing this on a flat surface before attempting the mission on the circular platform, then give it a go with everything you’ve learned. It’s simple in theory, but tough to pull off.

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