Desktop Dungeons: Rewind getting ‘Daily Demo’ soon

by on January 13, 2023

PRISMATIKA and QFC Design have today announced that Desktop Dungeons: Rewind will be getting a ‘Daily Demo’ on January 25. The demo will feature a highly-replayable and procedurally generated challenge, launching for free via Steam. The reasoning behind the daily demo is that players will only get one shot at it per day.

“A fresh, deliciously devious dungeon and class combo will be served-up daily, in which players will need to explore, strategize, test their skills, plan their approach to heal their hero, and obliterate bloodthirsty enemies to emerge victorious with a hoard of treasure. Be careful though, intrepid explorers only get one run per day, and every move could be their last!”

The Desktop Dungeons: Rewind Daily Demo will feature:

  • Daily Challenge – This demo will refresh with a new dungeon and throw a new class at you every day. That’s right! Every single day you’ll get a chance to get rich… or die trying!
  • Daily Demo Leaderboard – Achieve eternal glory and rise to the top of the daily leaderboard, compare your results, and prove to your friends that you are the ultimate dungeon master!
  • Daily Healing by Exploring – Reveal hidden terrain to regain health and mana. But plan your route carefully or you’ll have nothing left to face the final enemy!

We played a preview for Desktop Dungeons: Rewind back in October last year, and said, “The simplicity of its structure paired with the surprisingly deep gameplay elements make Desktop Dungeons: Rewind a really strong game. I loved how it looked, the silly and loveable humour, the depth of progression and how each dungeon offers a high challenge. Although the demo isn’t particularly long, it gives you a fantastic idea of what to expect when the game releases, hopefully before the year is out. If you want something to get stuck into, or just want a quick challenge, this is a remarkably addictive and deep dungeon crawler that gives you everything you could want from the genre.”