Stellaris: First Contact is a new story pack for the grand strategy game

by on January 17, 2023

From out of nowhere, Paradox Interactive has announced Stellaris: First Contact, a brand new story pack that is coming soon to the hugely popular sci-fi title.

You can check out the new trailer below, as well as the official info on what to expect from the story.


In First Contact, players will discover an expanded array of events and mechanics for meeting pre-FTL (Faster Than Light) civilizations, as well as new origins focused on being met by post-FTL civilizations. In addition, cloaking technology will appear for the first time in Stellaris, allowing players to hide their ships and posts from their neighbours, and allowing players to worry about what their neighbours may, in turn, be hiding from them.

The Stellaris: First Contact content will launch at the same time as the 3.7 “Canis Minor” update, which will be adding “various improvements and additions for all players”, and we have the list of key features for the new story content, below:

New Origins

  • Broken Shackles: You didn’t take to the stars; you were taken to the stars as an alien captive! Now, you and your fellow prisoners have overtaken the ship and found yourselves banding together to survive and thrive as a diverse new community. Can you rise to greatness from this humble origin… and will your former captors take notice?
  • Payback: No one would have believed your world was being watched keenly by intelligences greater than your own – until they invaded. But you did not go quietly into the night! Your civilization has repelled a would-be conqueror from space, and with sudden access to their advanced technology, you’re about to discover just what else is out there beyond the stars!
  • Fear of the Dark: As you’ve explored your home system, you’ve always suspected you weren’t alone in the galaxy… especially when one of your planets suddenly suffered an “incident” a while back. A very large faction of your own people have long advocated against tempting fate out in the dark abyss of the unknown. What path will you choose as you find yourself needing room to grow?

Moving on, there’s more:

  • New Pre-FTL Interaction Options: What will your role be when the next member of the galactic community tells their origin story? New mechanics allow for a broader range of interactions with pre-FTL civilizations, depending on their level of technology and their awareness of your presence. Will your arrival be celebrated, or met with violent panic?
  • Cloaking Technology: Nobody saw this feature coming! Equip your ships with cloaking devices to survey in secret or catch a foe unaware; keep subtle tabs on your pre-FTL neighbours with cloaked observation posts. Just be sure your own scanners and intel are strong… you never know which of your neighbours might be lurking in the shadows!