Street Fighter 6 will feature WWE Superstar Thea Trinidad as a commentator

by on January 30, 2023

Announced over the weekend, WWE pro wrestler Thea Trinidad will be joining the rest of the crew as a colour commentator for Street Fighter 6, along with Kosuke Hiraiwa, Steve “TastySteve” Scott, Aru, Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez, James “jchensor” Chen, and more that are yet to be announced.

For those who don’t know, Thea appeared in character (as Zelina Vega) at the Royal Rumble over the weekend, and Capcom has a handy biography on its site to introduce her, along with the trailer, below:


One of the top female wrestlers in the world, a top tier commentator, and an avid fighting game fan, Thea Trinidad brings her 10+ years of pro wrestling experience to the world of Street Fighter. When she’s not breaking bones inside the ring, you can find her putting in that work in the gym or at home on her favourite game. If you’re lucky to see her live, you may even spot her doing a ninja run or two!

After playing the game back in September 2022, myself and Sean Smith came away incredibly impressed. After just an hour, Sean said “I feel as though even after little over an hour in its clutches, I could pen another few thousand words on Street Fighter 6, such was its impact. It feels like a huge step forward for a series that was, quite frankly, desperate for a reinvention and overhaul. To say that I am this impressed, this early in its lifespan, bodes extremely well for the future. I am already planning on treating myself to a shiny new arcade stick when this one drops”.

In fact, on the commentary, which we know people might not be that into, Sean added: “In a cool nod to the popularity of eSports and the huge fighting game community, SF6 also includes commentary from some real-life luminaries such as Capcom Pro Tour mouthpiece and Sagat doppelganger Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez, fighting game historian James Chen, and EVO alumnus Tasty Steve. I was suspicious about this inclusion, but shouldn’t have been – the play by play and colour aspects actually add to the gameplay, as they accurately dispense advice about your in-game situation, such as reminding you when your Drive stock is about to run out, or when may be a good time to think about popping a Critical Art. Their voices do not detract from the rest of the aural delights, which include excellent brand new character themes and the usual fine array of grunts, thuds and “Hadoken” shouts”.

Street Fighter 6 is coming to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on June 2nd, 2023.