Overwatch 2 heroes are cosplaying as anime heroes, says Art Director

by on March 8, 2023

Speaking to Xbox Wire, Overwatch 2 art director Dion Rogers has explained how the One Punch Man skin came about, and there’s some pretty interesting tidbits in the interview. Currently available in the store, you can get Kiriko involved in the One Punch Man collaboration, but a lot of the magic of this deal revolves around Doomfist, since he’s already a pretty punchy-man.

Rogers told Xbox Wire that “Overwatch’s art style is kind of a marriage of West-meets-East aesthetics and values – there’s a bit of an anime look to Overwatch. So, being fans of anime, we were looking for a partner to collaborate with. And we looked at various studios, and then when One-Punch Man came up, it was surprising how many people on the team knew the anime, they loved it, they watched it. Aaron Keller, our game director totally knows all the characters and things backwards and forwards”.


In the interview, it’s revealed that Doomfist has never had a cape, and that the silhouettes can change with skins, which upsets the balance as players aren’t used to seeing them. However, Doomfist as Saitama from One Punch Man does wear a cape, and the team had to be careful doing this.

Rogers also revealed that in the game, wearing these skins, the heroes are cosplaying as the anime characters, saying: “That’s our approach; that our heroes are basically aware of the anime and are fans too. And they’re cosplaying as the heroes. So when you see Doomfist wearing the Saitama outfit, he’s a fan too”.

Overwatch 2 is very popular here, and we play the game a few times a week. In my review back in October 2022, I said that “Overwatch 2 plays brilliantly. It’s a wonderful shooter full of depth, with unique heroes to master, maps to learn, and hours of your life to lose all over again.”, and scored it 9.5/10.

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