Dead Island 2 and DeadHappy team up to offer zombie-proof insurance

by on April 21, 2023

To celebrate the launch of Dead Island 2, the game has teamed up with UK-based insurance company DeadHappy to offer a special Deathwish* insurance package to help zombie-proof their loved ones after death. Not only does the insurance stop cherished friends and family from becoming zombies, there’s a special “wake to end all wakes” in Los Angeles, California (disclaimer: this is a work of fiction, we think).

The Deathwish intends to give members of the public their own piece of mind (before zombies try to take a piece of theirs) when thinking about after-death aftercare, ensuring their remains are appropriately managed in the event of an actual zombie outbreak. As part of the policy, it also instructs friends and family to fly out to LA before the events of Dead Island 2 turn it into the Hell-A players can now experience in-game.

A new poll found that 2,000 Brits fear zombie resurrection the most after death, which, quite frankly, is worrying. I mean, zombies aren’t real….are they? 40% said they don’t want to return from the dead, which has beaten out being reincarnated as spiders, vampires, and pigeons. Pigeons?! It’s a good job Dead Island 2 has teamed up with DeadHappy, as you never know what might happen once you’re in the ground. If you want to know more about Deathwish, there’s a handy informative video that’s been released, which you can watch below:

“It’s a good thing our HELL-A outbreak is entirely fictional, but if it ever were to happen at least fans will have a good idea on what it takes to survive,” said PLAION UK’s Marketing Manager Simon Turner in regards to the survey results. “We’re pretty sure most people would agree they wouldn’t love to come back as a zombie. But there’s no harm in being prepared for the unexpected – and taking out this Dead Island-inspired option for this unlikely event could pay dividends.”   

*Deathwish is a non-legally-binding option on life insurance policies offered by DeadHappy, which is focused on changing attitudes to passing away and promoting positive ways to remember loved ones.