Dead Island 2 | How to unlock Fast Travel

by on April 18, 2023

Dead Island 2 is a big game, where fast travel is a welcome help. The world is split into districts that act like mini sandboxes where you’re intended to explore, loot, uncover secrets and, of course, survive all the zombies. But the structure of the quests and side quests necessitates a lot of backtracking between the various districts. Luckily, we’re here to help you unlock and use fast travel in Dead Island 2.

How to unlock Dead Island 2 Fast Travel Maps

First of all, you’ll need patience. The fast travel system is progress-gated and you won’t be able to even use it until a certain point. You’ll need to fight through the first five main areas: Beverley Hills, the Halperin Hotel, Bel Air, Monarch Studios, and the Sewers. You’ll notice that in certain areas such as Emma Aunt’s house, there are folded tourist maps, and these are used for fast travel.

Dead Island 2 Fast Travel

Once you reach Venice Beach you’ll need to make your way to the Blue Crab restaurant, where you’ll find a bunch of beach dudes holed up with the diner chef. They’ll have a quest for you, but you’ll also receive a call from Emma to head back to Beverly Hills. That’s a long ass run, and it’s here that the game finally takes pity on you and unlocks the fast travel maps.

How to use fast travel maps

There’s one map in each district. In Venice Beach, for example, it’s in the Blue Crab. In Beverly Hills it’s in Emma’s room near the workbench and storage cabinet. In Bel Air you’ll find it in Rikki and Roxanne’s house pinned to the kitchen wall. You must get to the map and interact with it to travel – you can’t just do it from the standard map screen.

You also can’t travel inside districts using it, and will still need to sprint from point to point, but it’s still very handy and something of a relief when you unlock it.

So there you go, that’s how to unlock and use Fast Travel in Dead Island 2.


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