What the Golf? gets Among Us-inspired update

by on April 17, 2023

Triband, the creatures of the ‘anti-golf’ game What the Golf?, has released a huge update inspired by Innersloth’s massively popular title, Among Us. Released for Apple Arcade, the update features 35 levels inspired by Among Us, and is also set to release on Nintendo Switch and PC in the future.

The free update takes players “on a journey through a space station full of Impostors, Crewmates, betrayal, vending machines, surprises, space rockets, UFOs, vents, cats and other vaguely related items that are great for golfing!” It’s yet another free content drop for What the Golf?, adding to an already impressive slew of free updates for players who hate the sport, but love puzzles.

“Do you know that feeling when you love a game so much that you start making levels in your own game about it?” says Tim Garbos, Creative Director at Triband. “That’s normal, right? It’s a cool and normal thing to do. Right? Anyway, we’re so grateful to Innersloth for being too uncomfortable to say no after we said please several times. Love those guys! So sweet. We hope players will enjoy the new Among Us-inspired What the Golf? levels that are still not really about golf!”

It’s crazy to think it has been out for nearly three years, and when the base game originally released, we said, “Triband has crafted a loving tribute to the game of golf without actually being about golf. The physics work wonderfully, and the courses are so diverse and entertaining. Despite there being a few duds in the rough, and some being a tad frustrating, you’ll get a lot of enjoyment from it. It’s packed with humour, tight gameplay, and more courses for you to shake (or throw) your stick at. What the Golf? is a cracking indie game made by developers who may not know anything about golf, however, they make up for it in every other department.”