For the King II beta dates revealed by Curve Games

by on May 3, 2023

Curve Games has announced that a beta willl be happening for For the King II, from May 10th to May 16th, so people can get a taste of the game ahead of the release later in 2023. For the King II is a turn-based strategy game, and you can sign-up for the beta on the official Steam Page.

“With For the King II, we want to involve our community as much as we can,” said Sterling Anderson, Studio Director at IronOak Games. “This Closed Beta will help us understand how the game performs live with all of the variables that come with the real world player experience. We are expecting to uncover bugs and stability issues as well as receive valuable player feedback to allow us to polish and buff the game. We can’t wait to hear what the community think about For The King II.”

Check out the video below, that shows an insight into the studio’s process:


For The King II transports you deep into Fahrul during a period of crisis and peril. The once beloved Queen Rosomon has turned against her subjects, leaving you and a group of resistance fighters to strike back and fight for the freedom of the realm. The story will be accessible and exciting for new players, whilst also offering fans of the For The King a continuation of the original narrative arc. Allowing fans to kick off a single-player experience or play cooperatively online and in couch co-op with up to four players, For The King II offers brand-new combat mechanics and features, a host of new biomes to explore, a beautiful updated art style, new weapons and enemies to conquer – and much more….From the vast number of character and item combinations to the procedurally generated maps, quests, loot, and events – the world of Fahrul is ever-changing and will constantly keep players on their toes!

With a greater focus on strategic decision making and class, armor and weapon customization, players will need to pick their battles carefully, arming characters with the skills and gear needed to succeed in this famously accessible yet challenging combat system that rewards planning and foresight. Players can choose to fight side-by-side with friends or split up to claim loot for themselves to provide unique abilities, tactical advantages, and powerful synergies. The more you play, the more items you unlock to use in future adventures!

The beta will run from 10 PST (6pm BST) on May 10th until 10am PST (6pm BST) on May 16th, so you’ll get a good week to try the title out, which Curve says will offer valuable playtest data to the studio. Here’s a list of what the beta build will include:

  • The first of five playable adventures
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer
  • Six character classes (many more will be available in the final release), with their own strengths and weaknesses to explore: Blacksmith, Scholar, Hunter, Stableboy, Herbalist (unlockable though gameplay), Alchemist (unlockable though gameplay)

For the King II is set to launch later this year.