Free-to-play Warlander comes to console today with cross play

by on May 16, 2023

Toylogic and PLAION have announced that free-to-play, third person online multiplayer title Warlander is now available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X, and will have full cross play functionality, meaning you can even play with PC players if you fancy it.

Warlander combines shooting and melee combat, and can include matches that have up to 100 players split across multiple armies. Basically, you have to destroy each other’s castles while picking between three different classes (warrior, mage, and cleric).

Yoichi Take, Game Director and President of Toylogic said: “Warlander launched on PC to wonderful response from fans and new soldiers alike. The feedback and support we have received has gone beyond what we could have hoped for and we are thrilled to now bring both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S players into the fold through cross play. No matter which of the three platforms you play on, form armies with your friends and join us in 100-player battles”.

Check out the console launch trailer, below:


Warlander is an action-packed, third-person, online-multiplayer game, with a unique style that mashes a Medieval-inspired setting, Fantastical items and abilities…and…EVEN POWERFUL ROBOTS!

Featuring intense competitive skirmishes and epic castle siege warfare with up to 100 players, you must use the almighty powers of god-like Warriors, Clerics, and Mages, as well as siege weapons and cataclysmic spells to control the battlefield.

To be victorious, you must work as a team, defend your Keep, and tactically break into the enemy’s stronghold to destroy their core!

The first season of the game also is planned to start at the same time across PC and consoles, and it will include “new armor skins, new weapons, new emblems, new titles and more”, while the developer also said that the game will get patches, bug fixes, and feature updates on a regular basis, too.

Warlander is out now and free to play on PC, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5.