Redfall The House of Echoes guide

by on May 2, 2023

One of the early missions in Redfall, The House of Echoes is an early example of how Arkane has decided to not hold you hand with the levels in the game. While many games do the “search for puzzle items” to solve a section, here you are given the clues and told to get on with it. To that end, a lot of people might not be familiar with that style of gameplay, so we’ve put together a guide to help you out.

In our Redfall The House of Echoes guide, we’ll explain what you need to do, how to do it, where to find the dolls in question, and then what you need to do after that. So rather than blather on any more than we need to, let’s get into it.

Redfall The House of Echoes: what is it?

Redfall The House of Echoes

The mission tasks you as whichever character you’re playing as, to enter the titular house of echoes, which is a mansion surrounded by cultists, vampires, and has even more inside. There are multiple ways into the mansion, and if you’re playing as Layla, for example, you can get into the loft using your spectral elevators. Be sure you take down or avoid any sniper (watcher) vampires around the mansion, and you’re good to go.

Get the key

Redfall The House of Echoes

Once inside, you’ll need to find Dr Addison’s personal lab. But before that, to get the quest going, you’ll need to slowly explore the mansion until you find what can only be described as a ghostly anomaly. You’ll know it when you see it. You can make a bee-line for this location, or you can completely clear out the mansion of vampires and cultists, to make it a nice easy ride, the choice is yours. Grab Amelia’s room key, and get moving to her door.

Redfall The House of Echoes: Find the dollhouse and dolls

Redfall The House of Echoes: Find the dollhouse and dolls

If you aren’t sure, the image above is the first thing you should see when opening the door to Amelia’s room. Go in, and turn to your right. You’ll see a doll house with three glowing blue objects that signify missing dolls. Your objective will change to “Find the missing dolls 0/3” and that’s exactly what we need to do next.

Make sure you check Amelia’s story, which will reveal the crucial clues you need, as follows:


Lucy Doll – loves to cook and bake
Tina Doll – loves to hide at the tippy top
Bella Doll – loves to garden all year ‘round

Now if you did clear the mansion out beforehand, there’s a chance you’ll know exactly what these clues mean. But put simply, Lucy doll is hidden in the kitchen, ground floor; the other end of the mansion to the room you’re in. Tina is in the attic/loft space, up some stairs. By now you’ll understand what you have to do. Finally Bella is in the outside, external garden room at the back of the mansion.

Redfall The House of Echoes: Find the dollhouse and dolls

Grab them all, return to the dollhouse, pop them back in and… enter the dollhouse. No, seriously.

Find the lab key

Redfall The House of Echoes: Find the dollhouse and dolls

Inside the psychic mansion now, you need to find the key to the actual lab. Head outside and again, go back towards the garden. Hang round the back, and find the door pictured below.

Find the lab key

Enter here, and turn left to find the key. You’ll realise you’re back in the kitchen area, and need to head back to the locked door for Addison’s Lab. Interact with the blue psychic echo, and that’s it! Head back to the dollhouse to re-enter the real world, head outside and defeat “rook” (shoot him a lot) and you’re done.

Well done, you’ve completed Redfall The House of Echoes mission, and uncovered some of the nasty, macabre goings on within the world.

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