Redfall launch trailer is here, features Black Hole Sun cover

by on April 27, 2023

Just a few days before release, the Redfall launch trailer is here to whet the whistle for the upcoming vampire hunting FPS.

This comes hot on the heels of the preload becoming available as well, on both PC and Xbox Series S|X. Check out the trailer below, which features yet another one of those slow-version covers of a beloved song, this time Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden.


Redfall, Arkane Austin’s unique story-driven FPS that gives players the choice to slay alone or squad up with up to three other friends, is out 2nd May and this launch trailer ramps up the vampire-blasting action.

Set to an exclusive new cover version of the classic Black Hole Sun, the trailer drags our heroes from old town Massachusetts to psychic underworlds and back again in a flurry of gunshots and special powers. In a world where everyone AND their vampire Gods are out to get you, our heroes need every advantage they can muster.

I got to spend a few hours with the game earlier in the year (in March), and it really impressed me. I played on PC, and said: ” Redfall never tells you not to go somewhere, but I found an enemy it was clear I wasn’t ready for just yet. But I’ll be back, I can promise you that. Along with skill trees, a loot system, and what seems like a rich narrative to explore, there are open-world trappings you might expect. Safe houses can be unlocked, and side missions are tackled at your leisure. The verticality and powers of the heroes means that no two missions feel the same. Redfall is dripping with atmosphere, from the timed loot dungeons to the main story missions, I genuinely cannot wait to play more”.

Redfall hits PC and Xbox Series S|X on May 2nd.