Smurfs Kart is coming to more consoles in August

by on May 15, 2023

Microids and IMPS (the license holder for Smurfs) has announced Smurfs Kart is coming to PS4, PS5, and Xbox consoles on August 22nd. The game will be a part of the 65th (!) anniversary for Smurfs, and apparently there will be more Smurf-related news coming soon, too.

Smurfs Kart will be developed by Eden Games, the team who also made other racers like Gear.Club Unlimited, Test Drive Unlimited, V-Rally, etc, and the game is actually already available now on Nintendo Switch.

Check out the gameplay trailer, as well as the official word on the game from the press release:


It’s time to make engines roar. Pick a Smurf with their individual kart and unique super power, and get ready for some frantic races with the whole family! Get a head start, take shortcuts, master the Smurf’s super powers and use bonuses to rise in the rankings. Alone or with others, new beginner, or experienced driver… Everyone can win the Smurf place and drive wild races with friends and family!

Key features:

  • 12 tracks set in the Smurfs’ universe: The village, the forest, the dam, the swamps… even Gargamel’s house!
  • 12 iconic playable Smurfs: Handy, Hefty, Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Jokey… choose your favorite Smurf and get ready to race! Each Smurf has their own kart and a very handy special item to help you breeze past your opponents.
  • Use the world around you: Bonus items, boosts, ramps, destructible boxes, shortcuts and more!
    Finish 1st in the races where 8 Smurfs compete in frantic races.
  • Smurf together: Play solo or with family and friends, with support for up to four players in split-screen local multiplayer!
    “Time Challenge” mode: Try to beat every Smurf at their own racetrack and reach the top of the online leaderboard with your quickest time!
  • Unlock bonuses as you play and try to Smurf them all in your personal album!

Smurfs Kart is out now on PC and coming to PlayStation and Xbox on August 22nd, 2023.