PayDay: Crime War is mobile game from Starbreeze and PopReach, and it’s out now

by on June 6, 2023

Starbreeze has confirmed its license partner PopReach has released PayDay: Crime War, a new free to play title in the series for iOS and Android Devices. The game is available right now via Google Play and Apple App Store, and is the first PayDay title available on mobile devices.

“Starbreeze strategy is to make PayDay a true cross-media brand and it is immensely satisfying to see our collaboration with PopReach bear fruit in PayDay: Crime War – a truly mobile heisting experience in the palm of your hand”, said Tobias Sjögren, CEO of Starbreeze.

Here’s the key features of the title:

  • Take on other heisters in co-op PvP (Player vs. Player) “Cash Grab” mode
  • Team up with friends and form a 4 person crew to pull off the most epic heists in co-op PvE (Player vs. Enemy) mode
  • Collect an arsenal of weapons and gear to customize your heister for each mission
  • Earn dozens of iconic characters with unique specialties to choose from

Jon Walsh, CEO of PopReach said: “The PopReach Games team has worked incredibly hard to deliver an authentic AAA mobile experience that is familiar and engaging to the millions of existing PayDay fans, while also appealing to a brand new audience of heisters. Following our successful soft launch with over 1,000,000 heists played, the response to PayDay: Crime War has been incredible with over 150,000 players pre-registered for today’s worldwide launch, and we’re excited to move forward with this globally anticipated game”.

There are in-app purchases, obviously, and also in-game ads, but Starbreeze says this new game includes “access to the entire universe of PAYDAY 2 PC game and game assets, provides PAYDAY Crime War with an extensive pipeline of content that will keep players engaged for years”.

The developer of the main series has said it’s “the year of PayDay 3” and revealed a logo already, so hopefully this isn’t the last news of the series we get this Summer, right?