Reveil gets a creepy new trailer

by on June 16, 2023

Pixelsplit and Daedalic Entertainment have released a creepy trailer for their recently announced walking sim/narrative-driven horror game Reveil. Unveiled last Saturday at the Future Games Show, the trailer shows off a taste of what players are going to see when the game releases, and it looks great. Described as a “first-person psycho-thriller,” Reveil features claustrophobic environments and one weird as hell fun house.

You wake up. You’re disoriented. Your head hurts. Things seem surreal, yet familiar.

Your wife Martha and your daughter Dorie are not there. Why?

Looking for answers, you explore your environment and fragments of memories. On your journey you are repeatedly confronted with riddling tasks, driven by the desire to find out what’s going on.

What happened last night? Why can’t you think of any other thing aside from your days as a stage builder at the circus?

As things get crazier and more bizarre, the lines between reality, memory, and imagination become more and more blurred and you realize: there is no going back. You have to do whatever it takes to bring this story to an end, no matter at what cost…

“The feeling of safety is an elusive one. It’s not over yet.”

Some of the key features of Reveil are as follows:

  • A deeply psychological experience that will play with your feeling of reality.
  • Five playable acts in diverse, carefully designed environments.
  • First-person narrative experience including:
  • Various puzzles and riddles
  • Beautiful and immersive visual experience #madewithunity
  • Multi-layered narrative with psychedelic, biographical and disturbing elements
  • Atmospheric architecture, painting and writings referring to the circus era of the 60s.

You can watch the new trailer below: