South of Midnight, new game from Compulsion announced

by on June 11, 2023

A brand new game from Compulsion Games called South of Midnight was announced during the Xbox Games Showcase. Coming from the developers of Contrast and We Happy Few, it sees protagonist Hazel try and subdue the supernatural as they spill into the real world.

More details were revealed on Xbox Wire, including an interview with creative director David Sears and narrative producer and creative specialist James Lewis. South of Midnight is said to be inspired by “the more interesting geological, topographical, cultural, societal, historical areas of the South.” It’ll be set in the modern world and be almost exclusively rural. “It springs from the concept that monsters are real – you just need to jump over the backyard fence,” says Sears. “The farther you get away from the influences of civilization, the more magical the world becomes.”

“Magic Realism is, is one of the calling cards of Southern Gothic,” says Sears. “It’s a licence to actually put magic in the modern world, and to have creatures there that are just accepted. We’re not going to give you an information dump in the game, and that’s in the spirit of Magic Realism, right? We’re explaining enough that you will just accept it.”

The interview is a pretty substantial one, and details a lot of things like Hazel, the type of magic and enemies players will encounter, and the mysterious Shakin’ Bones, the cool guy playing guitar at the start of the trailer. While little has been announced in regards to a release date or actual gameplay, we do know it’ll be coming to Game Pass on Day One for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam. Here’s the trailer for South of Midnight below: