Warhaven is getting a Steam Next Fest demo, new map revealed

by on June 19, 2023

Nexon has confirmed that a playable demo for Warhaven will be part of Steam Next Fest, offering potential fans a chance to try it early. But that’s not all as the team has also revealed a new map called “Sihan” via a trailer.

Warhaven, the 16v16 medieval fantasy brawler also had a spotlight during the Summer Game Fest show, with cinematic and gameplay trailers, but the demo itself is available right now. The demo will allow players to see new game modes and maps, in game events, updated mechanics, and the assassin (Hush), which is the latest soldier that’s been revealed as part of the roster.

Check out the map reveal for Sihan, below:


Getting into the action is simple. Interested participants can download and install the free demo directly from the official Warhaven Steam page and jump into the fray. Detailed instructions and a helpful FAQ are available here to guide you through the process. And also offers a taste of the game’s diverse roster, including six soldiers and four Immortals, each equipped with unique skills and combat actions. For more information about these playable characters, be sure to explore the recently unveiled Warhaven lore page.

There will be a tutorial mode and practice mode, so you can play alone before you jump into the action, and there’s a list of changes that have been made, below:

  • Score System Update: To make scoring more straightforward, Teams now focus on gaining points for their own team instead of reducing the opposing team’s points.
  • New Map: Experience the intense skirmish mode on the new map “Sihan,” and witness the renamed Dominion mode (formerly known as Onslaught mode).
  • Relics: Earn medals during matches by reaching specific battle points. These medals can be used to activate powerful Relics that can shift the balance of the battle.
  • In-game events: During Steam Next Fest, players can participate in four exciting events: Daily Login Event, Login Time Event, New Recruit Event, World Pass Event

The demo for Warhaven will be available until June 26th, and is coming to PC later this year.

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