Warframe “Jade Shadows” update teased ahead of June release

by on April 29, 2024

Ahead of the June release, Digital Extremes has teased the next cinematic update for Warframe, called Jade Shadows. The update will bring a new mission type, cosmetic bundles, a single player quest, and a lot more, it seems.

The news all comes from the recent Friday Devstream (number 176, for those counting), which you can catch up on right here.

However, for those who just want a look at the teaser trailer for Protea Prime (coming May 1st), the trailer below will do you right. It also shows a sneak peek at Warframe: 1999, and also a little look at what might be happening on day one of TennoCon 2024.


The latest press release also puts together a handy highlights package from the stream, as follows:

Experience a story of love, loss, and sacrifice in Jade Shadows, introducing the latest single-player narrative Quest arriving this June welcoming the return of one of Warframe’s most infamous legacy characters, the Stalker. After the collapse of the Orokin Empire, he swore vengeance on the Warframes who destroyed it, eventually culminating in the first ever Cinematic Quest known as The Second Dream. Reconfront this ambivalent adversary to bring his long kept secrets to light since your last encounter together while discovering the 57th Warframe, the song of devastation, Jade.

Jade’s inspiration comes from the idea of “angelic choir soloists,” with her weapon designs embodying the ideas of Love, Hope, and Wonder, frequently found in classical choral arrangements. Jade Shadows will also introduce a new mission type, Ascension, a Stalker-themed ship cosmetic skin, even more TennoGen items, as well as a new Clan Operation: Belly of the Beast.

“We’ve been putting the pedal to the metal on this road trip to 1999, and Jade Shadows is a slight narrative detour we are taking along the way to tell a story that is very important to us about the Stalker,” said Megan Everett, Community Director. “The Stalker has become an icon in Warframe since his debut in the game and since we last saw him during The New War Quest three years ago. We hope this story the team is crafting may help answer some long-burning questions about his motives and relationships when it launches this June.”

Warframe is out now and free to play.